Designer Jeans William Rast Fashion Clothing Endorsed by Justin Timberlake

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History of Jeans

United Kingdom has its newest fashion endorser for mens fashion. Justin Timberlake has launched his newest fashion label William Rast. Together with P Diddy, Madonna and Kylie, he added the spice of being one of the luckiest celebrity endorsers of William Rast designer jeans. Together with Trace Ayala, Justine Timberlakes' friend and business partner, they set up the endorsement and made William Rast available in public.

Trivia: William Rast's Spring and Summer collection 2007 is named after Justin and Trace's grandfathers. As what William Rast designer clothing's website says, "You buy William Rast, you are buying comfort and everlasting jeans endurance."

History of Fashion: How To Choose Perfect Jeans

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History of Jeans

History of Fashion: How To Choose Perfect Jeans

If you have any intelligence about the history where fashion existed. There is a line there that indicates how to choose jeans that will fit your physique. Here are some of them

Looking for the right size.

  • At first you will find it hard to find your size. It will ask for large amount of effort from you. You have to know your hips and waist line. You have to know it as accurate as possible. Next, go to the nearest fashion store and look for one. Don't hesitate to ask for the seller's help. They know where exactly is the jeans you are looking for -(it will become easier it you do this.). Don’t do the mistake of buying a smaller size than yours just because you think it will make you look slim. That is just an illusion and doesn’t really make you look slim, but makes you look stuffed!

Know the Right Cuts
  • The right kind of cut goes a long way to ensure that you have a good pair of comfortable jeans. To find this out, hold the jeans in front of you and just check the curve running from the thigh to the leg. If it’s too curvy, consider buying another pair. Also, try out the jeans before you buy it. Some cuts may look perfect, but may not really fit you. Jeans with the perfect cut should be comfortable at the thigh, not mold itself tightly. Try sitting and walking around in the store to ensure that the jeans don’t feel tight or too loose.

Choose what brand fits your personality. Make a list.
  • Make a list of brands or stores that are known for selling the right kind of jeans. Ask your friends, colleagues at work and neighbors for ideas. There are instances that decent store has a good collection of jeans while branded stores even though have a artistic/stylish set of fashion jeans, but nothing that really fits your style, it does not appeal to you well.

Jeans and Your Age. You should note this.
  • Rejeana is now 30 years old ans she want's to look 20, atleast fake 20. Do you think she can manage it? I don't think so. Let’s face it. Your body isn’t what it used to be. So, you must choose jeans that will best suit your age and personality.If you wear skinny jeans and your too fat, too old for it, you will just end up looking like a trying hard. If possible, you can use accessories like belts or handbag that takes the attention off your jeans.

Lastly and One Thing Most of Us Do Not Realize.
  • After succeding to find your pair of jeans, buy them immediately. If possible buy two shades of the same size and cuts. You can use the first one with heels and the other one with flats. Else, you can use the first one in casual gimmicks and the other one for corporate attire. Because of this, you can avoid the instant color fade of your jeans.

History Of Blue Jeans

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History of Jeans

The History Of Blue Jeans

‘Denim’ is the modern replica of French serge de Nîmes, a 17th century twill-weave fabric made in Nîmes. Fustian Another European fabric. It is made from a cotton, linen and/or wool blend. Before blue jeans was considered blue jeans, it was known as ‘jean’ after Genoans, sailors from Italy, wore it. It was in 18th century when jeans was made entirely from cotton, through the slave labour, trade and and massive develpoment of cotton plantations and Frech tailors. It was valued for its durability. Indigo blue, extracted from plants in the Americas and India, became a familiar colour for workwear.

1872: "It started in a letter". It started in 1872 when Jacob Davis gave send an letter Levi Strauss, Jacob Davis was then making riveted clothing for miners in the Reno area. Mr. Jacob Davis had no money to file for a patent and offered Levi Strauss a deal if he would pay for the patent. Levi Strauss, overwhelmed enough, began to make copper-riveted ‘waist overalls’, and so jeans virus spread widely in Reno and from there, to the whole world.

1886: "Levi's Generation"
. In 1886, Levi’s ‘Two Horse Brand’ leather patch, showing the garment pulled between two horses to prove its strength, was first used. By 1890 lot-numbers were being used for Levi products: 501 was assigned to copper-riveted overalls.

1902: "It was then considered a denim of lifestyle". In 1902 two back pockets were added. so this is story of blue jeans.

"Blue Jeans is the start of modern fashion." , anonymous.

Tips on Choosing What Handbags and Designer Clothing Fits You

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History of Jeans

Tips on Choosing What Handbags and Designer Clothing Fits You

What a collection of handbags do women have? Awesome range and beautiful finish. A range of Shoulder bags, laptop bags, handbag tote, vertical bag, clutches, canvas sling with leopard design or zebra pattern to pick from. Isn't it maddening? If you are a fashion fanatic, you'll be amazed by the collection that's available web based. The range of brands to choose from which women usually are raving about are womens abercrombie and fitch clothing and handbags, womens Burberry handbags, womens Burberry purses, womens chanel handbags, affliction clothing and handbags, Armani jeans and handbags, Balenciaga handbags, Womens Yves Saint Laurent handbags, Versace handbags, womens baby phat suit handbags. These are the perfect option for a certain reason that they offer the best worldly acquired designs and quality. What's gonna be your choice? Be aware to choose different handbags with different designs for different occasions. Different occasions need different moods and fashion. Know what designer clothing and handbags fits to your personality.

Handbags that you have seen on famous celebrities and on the pages of fashion magazines are now available online in just one click.. Heavy sized tote or cute clutch such as womens Burberry handbags, womens Burberry purses, womens chanel handbags,... very funky such as womens abercrombie and fitch clothing and handbags, affliction clothing and handbags, Armani jeans and handbags,... very retro canvas sling such as Balenciaga handbags, Womens Yves Saint Laurent handbags, Versace handbags, womens baby phat suit handbags,... what would you chooce? Or rather, HOW would you choose?. Here are some tips on how and what handbags to buy for a shopping cheap designer clothing and handbags.

Compare each product prices

  • One tip on choosing the best handbags and designer clothing is compare each product price from different online store designer clothing and handbags and choose the best one or maybe, the one which suits your taste and lifestyle. The advantage in subscribing in an online route is that it offers you the latest and popular styles such as the ever-popular motorcycle handbag, paddington handbag, stam handbag, gaucho handbag, guaffre handbag, silverado handbag, betty handbag, oversized weekender bag, messenger handbag, womens abercrombie and fitch clothing and handbags, womens Burberry handbags, womens Burberry purses, womens chanel handbags, affliction clothing and handbags, Armani jeans and handbags, Balenciaga handbags, Womens Yves Saint Laurent handbags, Versace handbags and womens baby phat suit handbags.

When and where will you use it?

  • Don't just go by the style and design look at your requirement too. Women with children will clearly need some additional space, whereas the women who want to go to a party or special function will look for something which matches their outfit and isn't too large. Leather is pricey but will last you longer and will show to be a unbelievable investment if you take good care of it.

Handbag Material

  • Edgy fashion and accessories label, specializing in women's bags, belts, jewelery and shoes, providing a range of highly sought-after collection. Different types of handbags include; clutch, tote, satchels, shoulder bags etc and with different designs the choice is substantial. The design is very vital and will clearly fit the individuals fashion sense, but the material the bag is made of will also play a role.

If you choose the web based route to select your bags, you get to see the latest and popular styles There are many more other styles to choose from and are all available at only a fraction of the cost of designer Australia handbags. There are web based discount women handbags and purses featured which is similar in style to that of famous celebrity bags and fashion purses. Know what you want. Unleash the woman within you...

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Handbag Tells a Woman's Personality

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History of Jeans

shopping cheap designer clothing
Shopping Cheap Designer Clothing and Handbags Tells a Woman's Personality

Have you heard the book “How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag”? It was written by Kathy Eisman. The book says something about shopping cheap designer clothing and collecting handbags. It goes like this, “…it’s clear our handbags and their contents say much more about our personality than we might think. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, I’d suggest taking a closer look at your friends, family and colleagues handbags – one quick squiz might help you unlock and understand the secrets of their personality."

The styles and colors we choose give away a lot about our purse-onality type. From clutches to totes and cigar boxes to backpacks – give some extra thought to what you carry by finding out what each style typically represents and what your handbag says about you.

Hear are the different bags descriptions and how they relate to a woman's personality.

The Clutch Bag

  • Women who carry a clutch bag are confident enough not to worry about carrying their whole life in their bag. Says Pendersen, they are not afraid to let a man carry their keys or lighter or whatever else won’t fit in their bag. You may consider Womens Yves Saint Laurent clothing under the description Womens Yves Saint Laurent handbags .

Under the Shoulder Bag
  • A small handbag tucked neatly under-the-shoulder implies sophistication and class, according to Cathy Feldman, contributing editor to According to Feldman, “women of high stature or who work in upscale offices would choose this style of bag.”. Versace handbags and clothing under the category Versace handbags will be the best example.

The Cigar Box
  • Currently a big seasonal favorite, cigar box purses are often carried by women who like to stand out in a crowd. Independent and self-confident, women who carry these bags are, says Feldman, “comfortable in their own skin.”. Women who like womens burberry handbags and womens burberry purses will give you an idea of these kind of women.

The Tote Bag
  • Fun loving, generous and sociable are the main traits of someone who carries a tote. The wearer is youthful in outlook, with things to do and places to go, says Pedersen. This is someone with a busy life, refined, unobtrusive but definitely not passive. An example of this is Womens Abercrombie and Fitch clothing in the category, Womens Abercrombie and Fitch Tote handbags.

The Backpack
  • Casual and practical, the backpack represents wearers who are warm and young at heart. Today’s designer styles means that backpacks are no longer relegated to the countryside but are just as at home in the office, worn with business trousers or a skirt.

Bags With Buckles and Zips
  • Women who choose leather purses with lots of buckles and zippers are leashing out their wild sides. According to Feldman, these women tend to act before they think and are always ready for a good time. The extra buckles and zippers tend to signify a “bad girl" image.

The Shoulder Bag
  • An example of this is womens chanel and chanel handbags. If women are wearing a shoulder bag, they are practical but also want to look good. According to Stephanie Pedersen in her book Handbags – What Every Woman Should Know (David & Charles 2006), “women who prefer shoulder bags refuse to be a fashion victim.”

The Crochet Bag
  • A homely, nurturing woman typically carries a crochet bag. Loved by both people and animals this woman is easy-going with an arty streak.

The Designer Purse
  • A woman carrying the latest designer 'It' bag lives an exclusive, high-maintenance lifestyle and their designer handbag is a reflection of expensive tastes and appreciation for very, very fine things. Feldman warns “guys – watch out for these girls, they tend to be a handful.”

Oversized Bags
  • According to in their feature “What Your Handbag Says About You”, the oversized handbag is the equivalent of a one-size-fits-all T-shirt. The wearer is a practical person who rarely swaps bags and does not see the sense in spending a month's salary on one accessory.

They say shopping designer clothing or to be more specific, we can say that shopping cheap designer clothing is a women's way to introduce themselves. Carrying such designer clothing and handbags makes a woman's personality boosts at its best. Examples of these handbags are womens Abercrombie and Fitch handbags, Balenciaga handbags and Balenciaga purses, womens Burberry handbags and womens Burberry purses, womens Chanel handbags, womens Chanel purses and womens Chanel wallets, Versace handbags, womens Yves Saint Laurent handbags and many other designer clothing and handbags.

Women’s designer clothing and handbags are replicas of their lives. Have you realized the point? If you do, then Kathryn Eisman was right in her article “How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag”.

For husbands, boyfriends,... All the men out there. If you are thinking about your woman's inner secrets, do not look her into the eyes.. Grab her bag and see what's inside instead... lol

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History of Jeans

Shopping Cheap Designer Clothing


Shopping Cheap Designer Clothing

Overwhelmed by paparazzi following her every move, Britney Spears wearing nothing but designer clothing was spotted paying a visit to Fragment Jewelry store in Soho on Tuesday (September 30, 2008). After pulling up in her chauffeured SUV, the “Gimme More” singer got flustered wading through the crowd of gathered spectators - deciding to turn around and get back into the car.

What do you think will Miss Spears do with all those stuffs? Just keep them forever? Throw them away? Give it to her mother? What?! Or should it be better if she just donate it. Donate it to something the will worth her money more. Shopping cheap designer clothing is non of her business. Having such luxurious lifestyle like what Britney Spears has can be useful also especially for those organizations that are made to help the poor.

Shopping Cheap Designer ClothingThat's exactly what the collaboration of Banana Republic and Goodwill is set to be done. Starting from October 16 through October 26, 2008, mind to take a trip to your local Banana Republic store, drop off a gently worn, old, or perhaps used sweater, coat and other clothes and apparels, and you will be able to receive thirty(30) percent off any regular priced item. A simple thing that may give others happiness and better opportunities in life.

All your donated clothes and other apparels will be sold at Goodwill stores nationwide for the benefit of the unfortunate. All the proceeds will benefit training and employment programs for people with disabilities, those people who lack education, and those people who are facing economic challenges. Come on, dust off that coat you haven't worn since 1996 and give it to someone who needs it.

See? Perhaps if all celebrities with such luxurious lifestyle will just cooperate with this project, for sure, a big success for all will actually happen. The what is so called “Wealthy Shopping Style”, the Designer Clothing companies, the public organizations and the common people, great collaboration right? Giving something to others is a great thing and getting something back in return can be considered as an extra bonus.

Katie Holmes and Her Unlabeled Jeans: Shopping Cheap Designer Clothing?

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History of Jeans

Unlabeled Jeans? Was it really Her?

Katie Holmes has sent sales of a jeans brand soaring - after fans saw Tom's girl wearing their new range to auditions for her forthcoming Broadway play.The press media is quite impressed of her humbleness, wearing a unlabeled designers clothing. Some spreads a news that she has not gone shopping cheap designer clothing. Many thinks that it is Mens Abercrombie and Fitch instead of Womens Abercrombie and Fitch but no, it's Tom's Jeans that Katie is wearing.

The dealers income for jeans production has increased so much because of Katie Holmes humble appearance in public.

See these pictures:

Shopping Cheap Designer Clothing

Mens Abercrombie and Fitch

Designer clothing


Womens Abercrombie and Fitch


Designer Clothing Paige Premium Denim Wore By Celebrities

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History of Jeans

Audrina Patridge in designer clothing Paige Premium Denim Blue Heights Skinny Jeans.

Fashion Icon Britney Spears in designer clothing Paige Premium Denim Jeans.

The ever beautiful Mandy Moore was walking through the airport looking
super cute and comfortable wearing Paige Premium Denim cropped jeans.

Styles Of Jeans

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History of Jeans

Boot Cut or Bell Bottoms..

  • Bell-bottoms are trousers that become wider from the knees downwards. Related styles include flare, loon pants and boot-cut/leg trousers. Hip-huggers are bell-bottomed, flare, or boot-cut pants that are fitted tightly around the hips and thighs worn by men and women.

Carpenter Jeans

  • Carpenter jeans are jeans with many pockets and loops which can be used to carry objects such as tools and are often loose around the leg to be able to accommodated the affixed items. They are often used by carpenters, hence the name, to carry their tools so that their hands can be kept free yet the tools are still easily accessible.


  • Hip-huggers are a style of pants worn by both men and women, generally made of denim and fitted tightly around the hips and thighs, while flaring out towards the lower leg.

  • Hip-huggers are worn in a variety of different styles, sometimes "riding" low to expose the buttocks to varying degrees. There are also variations of hip huggers created with a material designed to stretch and tighter fitting stretch materials that vary in color. Hip-hugger jeans have been popular in the past during the 1960s and into the early 1980s. The hip-huggers of the 60s and 70s can be distinguished from those of the 90s by the tightness of the knee.

Widelegs Jeans

  • Wide leg jeans are a style of clothing popularized in the mid-to-late 1990s, especially by men trying to achieve an "alternative" style. For men, the style is also called hip-hop clothing and remains popular with this subculture in 2008. The quintessential brand of 'hip-hop' style wide leg jeans was JNCO, though other youth and ethnic oriented clothing companies manufacture them as well.

Skinny Jeans

  • Skinny jeans have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening. Other names for this style include carrot leg pants, cigarette pants, drainpipes, peg leg pants, pencil pants, skinny pants, slimjims, tapered pants, old-school hood jeans or ice-cream cone pants. In some styles, zippers are needed at the bottom of the leg to facilitate pulling them over the feet. Stretch denim, with anywhere from 2% to 4% spandex, may be used to allow jeans to have a super-slim fit. Skinny jeans are worn by both males and females, and since 2005 has become increasingly popular with the emo, scene, and skater styles.


  • A Jort (or Jorts, plural), a portmanteau of "jean-shorts", is a garment worn by women or men that covers the pelvic area, the buttocks, and the upper part of the legs (typically the part above the knee). Jorts are types of shorts that are made only from denim.

History Of Jeans

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History of Jeans

Jeans are one of the most essential clothing that every person can have. Almost all of us own at least a pair of these item and every closet on every house has one. Regardless of culture or society most of us prefer wearing jeans when we go out of the house. Going to a park, traveling, and even going to work. So why is it that jeans are this famous? People say that they wear jeans because it's comfortable yet durable. Is it really made for everyday use? Let us find out.

In 18th century workers wore it because it is strong and doesn't tear up easily. It is made out of cotton and a mixture of things. It is colored in indigo, a dye that was originally from America and India. And thus making it dark bluish in general.

In 19th century came the Gold Rush in California. Miners from all over the Continent races each other into mining gold. Because of the rush, miners need a jeans because it does not tear up easily and can be worn comfortably. Then a man named Leob Strauss from New York moved to California to start a wholesale business on jeans. And then later changed his name to Levi'.

In the early 20th century American wear jeans while riding horses so that it can withstand its duration while riding. They are called Cowboys. These men wear jeans and pair it up with large leather boots and a half gallon hat. In the succeeding years America gained popularity when in terms of culture and style. And people from other countries started the demand on jeans so that they can cope up with the hype. And thus the jeans became popular around the globe and shows no sign of letting up. Today's fashion are now what it is because of history.

My Agenda

History of Jeans and other jean related products, their Fashion Trends and other related topics about History of Fashion.It also highlights the celebrities who are seen wearing casual designer jeans and other designer clothing. The main agenda of the blog is to give people the idea how important is the history of jeans to the society and how it connects normal people and the superstars.

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