The History of Lee Jeans

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History of Jeans

"The Best Jeans On the planet they have the coolest looking pocket"

In 1889, Henry David Lee launched the Lee mercantile company on the world. Lee was provoked by the conflicting quality and feature of foreign work wear and decided to produce quality US garments. H.D Lee designed Lee Overall, in the year 1911. The initial brand model was named the “Lee Bib Overall”, made in 7.5-ounce denim containing an all-functional chest pocket and a button fly. In 1913, Lee conceived the Union-All and become an imperative part in its industry. Lee was also producing jackets and dungarees but in 1913, Union-All work jumpsuit was produced trailed by the first- ever "Overall" in 1920 - setting the establishment for Lee's early development.

Buddy Lee was the Lee Jeans advertising mascot. This promotional item worked for the company from 1920 to 1962, was brought back as the idol of TV advertising for the company's Lee Dungarees collection from 1998 until the mid-2000. Zipper fly was on of the best selling creations by Lee. Lee launched many new creations to manufactured denim throughout the 20s.

In the ‘30s and ‘40s Lee become the America’s number 1 manufacturer of work clothes. Lee continued to build on their brand and in 1950, Lee as the company endeavored into casual wear.

Lee stretched out its intense growth and development throughout the ‘60s, branched out to 51 countries and merging with VF Corporation in 1969. The company continued to inflate its fashion ranges all through the '70s, '80s and '90s, introduction Lee National Denim Day in 1996.

Today's Lee is all about bringing more fashion, finishes, grace, texture, fits and choices than ever before to market.

Our range of Lee Jeans are unrestrained and varied to suit every individual's personal taste. You are sure to find your preferred fit with Lee men's casual clothing. Shop our range of tough and comfy men's jackets, pants and blue jeans. You will find our Lee Jeans in either prewashed comfortable fit, boot cut, and in many other styles.

If you need more information on Lee Jeans, feel free to get in touch with Substance Designer Clothing. With Substances rare and exclusive mix of brands we hope to provide our clients with a sense of individuality and class!

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Levis' New Commercial

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History of Jeans

A new Levis Strauss and Co. TV advertisement is now airing. The ad is entitled "New Story" which features a married couple who discovered that their jeans in their clothesline is being stolen by a fugitive. Cute story.. Let's watch..

Couple watch TV in underwear in Levi's TV Ad

This one minute commercial starts with somewhat a helicoptered shot on an open space, having a Live Media analysis reporting the actions of the policemen and the fugitive. The scene is then switched into a street chasing of policemen and the fugitive who is hiding behind the police patrol car. Inside the apartment is a couple who are watching on their T.V. wearing just their cute underwear. Then the rascal goes out the car and scamper to the couple's apartment.

The husband starts to panic after he realized that the scene on the television is their own backyard.

The television announcer warns the viewers that the escaped criminal wears white colored pants with red colored upper shirt. The criminal urgently have to change his clothes and from there he spotted the couple's drying jeans.

Levis News Story television commercial

Well, I won't tell you the complete story or else it would be a hassle. I've downloaded the complete commercial for you to enjoy my dear readers...

The super: “Levi’s 501 The Original”.

Abrercrombie : Banned in USA

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History of Jeans

USA banned Abercrombie and Fitch for
Having Pornographic images in their Ads

Conservative groups in United States detested Abercrombie and Fitch's promotion for having over the level pornographic advertisement. Having banned in US, it has not hindered them to continue promoting their latest edition of commercialized products. The products are meant to be sold only in all parts of Europe.

Obviously, Bruce Weber malicious billboards and images of semi-naked men high-lighting over the highways made the Americans totally disgusted.

What's puzzling over this controversy is that as far as we all know it has been a long time since the western people already accepts and the way of living this kind of lifestyle.

I mean, nudity is not totally a factor as far as civilization is concerned.

The missing link here is the basis on how America came up with the decision. Analyzing the images advertised by Abercrombie, those images are not actually nude only beautiful and artistically shot bodies.

During the hearing, the world could not help it but ask this questions.

"What is American's basis about nudity? What's the limitation of sexiness in terms of advertising?

Levi's 2009

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History of Jeans

Levi's 2009

Levi's jeans will be having their newest cuts for this Spring and Summer Special 2009. Besides that, graphically designed t-shirts will be included in the event. The new designs will be available in all retail fashion stores starting the first month of 2009. Fortunately, the designs are now available in their main website at

Here are their sample designs

Girls Will Wear Their Boyfriends' Jeans

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History of Jeans

Boyfriend jeans is the newest women fashion trend.

They are not called boyfriend jeans because you’ll catch a man while wearing them. You could do that, of course, but we aren’t necessarily here to teach you how to lure a man with power bait. We are here to school aspiring fashionistas on the origins of this month’s mega trend.

They’re called boyfriend jeans because you steal (or borrow) them from your significant other, which is precisely what celebrity trendsetter Katie Holmes did while strolling the streets of Los Angeles in her husband Tom Cruise’s favorite denims. Holmes paired jeans with stilettos and her infamous mega-black shades in order to achieve the ultimate tomboy look.

But not only has the “Dawson’s Creek” star been spotted in this ├╝ber-chic trend; her BFF Victoria Spice has been seen in the pegged-up style as well.

Boyfriend jeans is the newest women fashion trend.While polling some local fashionistas recently, we ran into the ever-so-hated attitudes, with people saying things like, “It’s not ladylike to wear these baggy jeans,” or “They’re so unflattering,” and our personal favorite, “You can’t wear these to work and then out on the town for happy hour.”

In response to all of these statements we say: 1) To each his or her own. Own the look and you will always look stylish; 2) If you can’t feel ladylike in a burlap sack then you need a class in confidence and sex appeal; 3) Unflattering is wearing a tube dress tight enough to be called a sausage casing; 4) If you can’t pair these pants with a smart tucked-in blouse and a pair of peep-toed heels, then honey, your job sucks.

The trend originated in the 1950s, when working women needed something they could move around in and be comfortable. The jeans were most commonly worn with a tucked-in blouse and a colorful handkerchief wrapped around the head. We saw them emerge again in the ’80s, this time with those oh-so-terrible elastic waistbands and bloomer-like fits.

Today, there are some need-to-know basics on executing the perfect peg or cuff.

  • First and foremost, the fit should be delightfully loose, just grazing your thigh. Proportion is very important, so make sure it fits your hips loosely (and wear a great leather belt). Avoid at all costs the bloomer or diaper butt.

  • Secondly, when pegging or cuffing the leg, pull tight at the hem and use the guideline of a one- to two-inch cuff. Roll this up until it hits mid-calf. If you are petite, this is going to emphasize your small frame. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just play up your size with peep-toe heels and a cute fitted blouse. If you’re tall, try a pair of flats.

  • Third, absolutely do not roll up the cuff or peg so tightly that your calf turns purple.

Now all you need is the right pair of jeans. If your boyfriend just won’t part with his, a few of our favorite designers include the iconic Levi’s and stylists-turned-designers Current/Elliott, well known in the industry for introducing reconstructed vintage denim to mega-celebs like Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore.

Meticulous attention to detail makes their re-constructed vintage jeans something special, even historical. Plus, the denim is super-worn-in by what they call a love wash. Check out their ultra-feminine pieces at

If shopping on the web makes your eyes twitch, there’s always Lucky Brand, which has been pumping out solid denim pieces for years.

All in all, this is a fashion trend to get behind.

* * * * *

SOURCE: Pasadena Weekly

Men Versus Women

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History of Jeans

In the history of fashion all over the world, jeans can be considered as the most constant fashion icon. Its unique style may vary from time to time but the idea is totally there. Constant and invincible.

In every fashion stores, malls, or even in public market, the competition to find the most unique jean that fits people is very palpable. By the time you get your own pair of jeans, you will just realize that all your hardships are worthwhile.

As time passes by, the differences between men and women's jeans start to have a thin line between. But of course, the showdown never stops. It will continue until human race realize who wears it better and who uses it worse. Now, let us discuss what are the pros and cons of wearing jeans this year. Year of the ox. Year 2009. Come and help me. You may post a comment or email me if I have said something wrong. Yep! Correct me if I am wrong.

* For Men

In 2009, avoid using over-sized jeans. The style was already buried back from 1990's. You may experiment on fitted jeans. Don't be mistaken, I am not referring to skinny jeans. I am referring to this style my darling.. come and take a look. Fitted Jeans. See what I mean? The said jean is supposed to be in straight cut style. More classic but will surely give you the sense of pride and self-esteem. Create your own look. Uniqueness and one of a kind style will be the best thing to do this year.

* Women

For women, I recommend wearing the other way around, the "boyfriend jeans". For a celebrity example, see my post here. Katie Holmes is a great example of wearing this kind of jean. You may wear it straight or you may roll it up if you have short legs. Men nowadays wear more tighter jeans and women will eventually like wearing baggier outfit. That's why I told you that both sexes has a thin line between them. Girls! Here's a tip. If you are wearing baggy jeans, be sure to have a fitted top as its partner. "Lose plus lose is a no no". Remember that.

* For Both Sexes

The best way to find your own pair of jeans is by having a fair budget first. Don't overdo your budgeting. Have it based on your daily allowance. Look for affordable ones. 2009 is also called a "Relaxed Style Year." Wear outfits that will make you show who you truly are without overdoing it.

* * * * * * * * *
Trivia: Italian sailors from Genoa wear cotton trousers and the French call Genoa and the people who live there, "Genes." The name "jeans" was applied to the pants as well.

Trivia Source: Denver Fabrics

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