Abrercrombie : Banned in USA

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USA banned Abercrombie and Fitch for
Having Pornographic images in their Ads

Conservative groups in United States detested Abercrombie and Fitch's promotion for having over the level pornographic advertisement. Having banned in US, it has not hindered them to continue promoting their latest edition of commercialized products. The products are meant to be sold only in all parts of Europe.

Obviously, Bruce Weber malicious billboards and images of semi-naked men high-lighting over the highways made the Americans totally disgusted.

What's puzzling over this controversy is that as far as we all know it has been a long time since the western people already accepts and the way of living this kind of lifestyle.

I mean, nudity is not totally a factor as far as civilization is concerned.

The missing link here is the basis on how America came up with the decision. Analyzing the images advertised by Abercrombie, those images are not actually nude only beautiful and artistically shot bodies.

During the hearing, the world could not help it but ask this questions.

"What is American's basis about nudity? What's the limitation of sexiness in terms of advertising?

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