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History of Jeans

In the history of fashion all over the world, jeans can be considered as the most constant fashion icon. Its unique style may vary from time to time but the idea is totally there. Constant and invincible.

In every fashion stores, malls, or even in public market, the competition to find the most unique jean that fits people is very palpable. By the time you get your own pair of jeans, you will just realize that all your hardships are worthwhile.

As time passes by, the differences between men and women's jeans start to have a thin line between. But of course, the showdown never stops. It will continue until human race realize who wears it better and who uses it worse. Now, let us discuss what are the pros and cons of wearing jeans this year. Year of the ox. Year 2009. Come and help me. You may post a comment or email me if I have said something wrong. Yep! Correct me if I am wrong.

* For Men

In 2009, avoid using over-sized jeans. The style was already buried back from 1990's. You may experiment on fitted jeans. Don't be mistaken, I am not referring to skinny jeans. I am referring to this style my darling.. come and take a look. Fitted Jeans. See what I mean? The said jean is supposed to be in straight cut style. More classic but will surely give you the sense of pride and self-esteem. Create your own look. Uniqueness and one of a kind style will be the best thing to do this year.

* Women

For women, I recommend wearing the other way around, the "boyfriend jeans". For a celebrity example, see my post here. Katie Holmes is a great example of wearing this kind of jean. You may wear it straight or you may roll it up if you have short legs. Men nowadays wear more tighter jeans and women will eventually like wearing baggier outfit. That's why I told you that both sexes has a thin line between them. Girls! Here's a tip. If you are wearing baggy jeans, be sure to have a fitted top as its partner. "Lose plus lose is a no no". Remember that.

* For Both Sexes

The best way to find your own pair of jeans is by having a fair budget first. Don't overdo your budgeting. Have it based on your daily allowance. Look for affordable ones. 2009 is also called a "Relaxed Style Year." Wear outfits that will make you show who you truly are without overdoing it.

* * * * * * * * *
Trivia: Italian sailors from Genoa wear cotton trousers and the French call Genoa and the people who live there, "Genes." The name "jeans" was applied to the pants as well.

Trivia Source: Denver Fabrics

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